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Newbuilding & Shipbuilding Inspector/Site Manager

petre marcu site manager Welcome to my website! My name is Petre Marcu, I am an former seaman and for the last 20 years I have been involved in newbuilding & shipbuilding activity. During this time, I was involved in different projects such as new building of LNGLPGBulk carriersArctic TrawlersSeismic Support VesselsChemical tankersMultipurpose Field SupplyRov – ships & Pipe CarriersSupply Vessels and Port Containers.

Currently I can offer my support for a complete set of activities Hull, Machinery, Piping, Outfitting, Painting and Plan Approval. A complete list of newbuilding services can be found here and are also included in my CV.

For inquiries about my activity you can use the details on this page.